Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drink Identity Theft

I have used the source below in comparison with old books to demonstrate to students the fallen nature of what passes for professional knowledge.

Up until this point I have refused to include names in written critique. But, this morning seems like a fine time to end that refusal.

This specific criminal occurrence has bothered me since 2006. On page 40 of the Mister Boston Platinum edition, the Fancy Brandy Cocktail is listed only as the "Fancy Brandy."
On page 47 of the same book, the Sidecar (a specific fancy brandy sour) is listed as the "Sidecar Cocktail." This sort of thing occurs throughout the book.

This is how debased mainstream drink 'knowledge' has been for too long. A true cocktail has had its proud nomenclature removed, while an otherwise respectable sour has been implicated in an identity-theft conspiracy. You say it's not a conspiracy? There is a long list of names of the collectively-responsible parties printed right in the book itself!

Putting joking aside, please don't think that I'm picking on Mister Boston. Other 'reputable' drink publications (especially the alphabetic wonders) commit the same sin. They contribute to the mental drink poverty that calls nearly every old drink a 'cocktail,' and rarely unveils any new so-called 'cocktail' that isn't really a punch/sour.

Now I will stop and go brew some coffee and turn on some music and I promise not to bite again today.

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