Friday, September 17, 2010

American Trio Cocktail

I recently created this drink and thought I would share it.  I call it the American Trio Cocktail.  It is a rather simple, perhaps predictable, true cocktail made using the old-fashioned method.  It is based on three traditional American spirits. It is bittered with three traditional American additive bitters.

AMERICAN TRIO COCKTAIL (by Andrew “the Alchemist”)
Select the service-ware. If you prefer the drink with a single full-ounce cube of service ice in it, a five fluid-ounce-capacity old-fashioned glass tumbler will do nicely.  If you prefer more cubes of service ice in the drink, a larger tumbler will be necessary.

Place a single, one-teaspoon-equivalent sugar cube in the bottom of the tumbler

Add the following:
1 fluid-dash of Boker’s aromatic additive bitters
1 fluid-dash of Fee Brothers’ aromatic additive bitters
1 fluid-dash of Peychaud’s aromatic additive bitters
½ fluid-ounce of pure water

Crush the sugar cube and muddle the ingredients to create the cocktail water

Add the desired amount of service ice

Add the following:
a strip of lemon zest, twisted over the ice, rubbed around the rim and then dropped in
1 fluid-ounce of good Bourbon whiskey
½ fluid-ounce of good American rye whiskey
½ fluid-ounce of American apple brandy (not any product called ‘applejack’)

Stir the drink in its tumbler to chill and mix


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