Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is my recipe for a drink first created by Jabriel Donohue of Portland, Oregon.
It is somewhat similar to the Old Pal Cocktail of the early 1900′s.  The Old Pal Cocktail was based either on American rye whiskey or Canadian whisky, modified by sweet vermouth and bittered by Campari.  With the Peychaud’s bitters, a French name seemed advisable.  ’Old pal’ in French would be ‘vieux copain.’
Chill a 4-1/2 fl-oz. modern glass cocktail goblet.
Combine the following ingredients in a mixing glass:
- 2/3 fl-oz. American rye whiskey
- 2/3 fl-oz. Dolin blanc vermouth
- 2/3 fl-oz. Campari grand bitters
- 2 fl-dsh. Peychaud’s aromatic additive bitters
Twist a strip of lemon zest over the chilled goblet then rub the colorful side against the rim and drop it in.
After this, add method ice to the ingredients waiting in the mixing glass and stir without over-agitating for at least 30 seconds.
Strain the drink into the prepared glass cocktail goblet and then see that it is immediately enjoyed.

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