Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We mourn two that paid with their lives for the sophistication and glamour that the public perceived in their imagery.
“Cocktail” (original meaning) – born before 1803 – died sometime after 1910
(long, strong life – sudden illness – legal problems prevented resuscitation attempts)
And from the same family…
“Martini” (original meaning) – born before 1888 – died sometime after 2010
(suffered early illness – assaulted in 1993 – lingered until final heroic attempts to resuscitate failed)
In Pace Requiescat
Final note: the purest-of-the-Martini-purists might say that Martini became unrecognizable to his closest childhood friends when he went completely ‘dry’ sometime before prohibition.  Some suggest that he was not as good as Martinez, his father.  Martini's mid-life friends, also purists, scoff at these suggestions.  Purism is on a sliding-scale, apparently.  Most factions of Martini's friends agree that Apple Martini should be sent far away for her 1993 assault on Martini.  Cocktail’s purest friends died at around the same time he did – and so there have been few arguments about his true identity.

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