Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Ladino Punch

The Ladino Punch
By Andrew “the Alchemist”
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
The Ladino Punch
Devised by Andrew “the Alchemist”

I got a request on Facebook for a drink using the citron, since it should be available now in Jewish markets as the etrog.
I thought that the juice of the citron might go well with a Spanish brandy.  The most commonly-available Spanish brandy is Fundador.
I called it the Ladino Punch, since Ladino is the particularly Jewish dialect of Spanish.
Feel free to adjust the number of sugar cubes, according to taste.
This drink is highly-seasonal.  Enjoy it while you can still get the citrons!

Service-ware: 10½ fl-oz. glass punch tumbler
→ 4 fl-oz. service ice (4 full-ounce cubes)
Combine in a mixing tin:
→ 4 or 5 sugar cubes (standard 1 tsp. equivalent)
First rub the sugar cubes against the citron/etrog over the tin to extract the essential oils from the peel
Drop each sugar cube in the tin as you go
→ 1 fl-oz. freshly-pressed citron/etrog juice
Muddle until the cubes have dissolved into the juice
→ 2 fl-oz. Spanish brandy
→ 1½ fl-oz. brewed tea (cooled)
→ plenty of method ice
Cover with half-tin and shake vigorously to mix, chill, dilute and aerate
Finely-strain into the service-ware
Insert straw
Garnish by twisting a strip of citron/etrog zest over the drink and then dropping it in

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