Friday, September 17, 2010

The Most Traditional Tequila Mezcals

This list is for those seeking the most traditionally-produced Tequila mezcals currently available (in the Los Angeles area, at least). The most traditional surviving method for the production of Tequila mezcal includes double-low-distillation - with at least one being in a copper pot-still - from 100% blue agave toddy.

Most Tequila mezcal producers now use stainless steel stills of some kind. Some aficionados claim that copper distillation is necessary to produce the best flavor. Also, modern high-efficiency distillation in a continuous still allows too few flavoring congeners through for my taste.

Some producers distill more than the traditional two times – also losing too much flavor for my top dollar.

It is not uncommon for stainless-steel Tequilas to receive a large part of their flavor from specialty-aging.  There is nothing wrong with this and the results can be delightful, but specialty-aging is relatively new and non-traditional.

So, here is the list of some Tequila mezcals that are doubly-pot-distilled - with at least one distillation being in a copper pot still - from a 100% blue agave toddy – sorted by age, and then price:

Extra-old Traditional Tequila Mezcal

~ $120 Corrido™ Extra-añejo

Old Traditional Tequila Mezcal

~ $75 Fortaleza™ Añejo

~ $56 Corrido™ Añejo

~ $46 El Viejito™ Añejo

Young Traditional Tequila Mezcal

~ $57 Fortaleza™ Reposado

~ $50 Corrido™ Reposado

~ $41 El Viejito™ Reposado

New Traditional Tequila mezcal

~ $50 Charbay™ Tequila Blanco

~ $47 Fortaleza™ Blanco

~ $42 Corrido™ Blanco

~ $35 El Viejito™ Blanco

Find one of the above and enjoy!